Thrift store find: Living well is the best revenge

Next to my copy of DeLillo and Buck’s pseudonymous novel Amazons and a signed first of Tom Wolfe’s Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine (which I sold), this postcard is the best thing I’ve ever thrifted. Stuck in a tourist guide to Mont Saint-Michel, the obverse is simply a photograph of the island by the photographer “Greff.” The reverse, though, is the best. In a flowing script, “Cliff” writes:

Darling, this is the place for us. Champagne, three bucks a quart!

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Goethe on Etna

… walks on foot through the most astonishing landscape in the world; treacherous ground under a pure sky; ruins of unimaginable luxury, abominable and sad; seething waters; caves exhaling sulfur fumes; slag hills forbidding all living growth; barren and repulsive areas; but then, luxurious vegetation, taking root wherever it can, soars up out of all the dead matter, encircles lakes and brooks, and extends its conquest even to the walls of an old crater by establishing there a forest of noble oaks.

»Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. (W.H. Auden and Elizabeth Mayer, trans.) Italian Journey : 1786-1788. San Francisco, North Point Press, 1982.