“You’ve got star lust …”

Another recent thrift store find: this time Star Lust, a racy novel about the thirst for fame by Jack Hanley (1905-1963). Below the jump is the cover of the true first, published in 1934 by William Godwin, a New York outfit which specialized in the risqué and erotic, not the 1949 reprint by Grayson which is sometimes called the first.

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She’s fly, she’s fresh, she’s def

In 1979, after he met Jackie O, Bruce Chatwin wrote to his wife, Elizabeth,

Escorting Mrs Onassis to the opera next Thursday. Met her again with the John Russells, and my God she’s fly.1

Best description of Mrs. Onassis ever? I think so. I was surprised to learn that this connotation of “fly” was of so early a vintage, but a writer in a discussion at Metafilter found an even earlier occurence in an O. Henry story of the first decade of the 20th century.

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